CNE Memories

CNEI have fond memories of the CNE – Canadian National Exhibition. My memories don’t go back as far as these photos (I am old, but not 102 thank you). I was born and raised in Toronto and the CNE was somehow put in my blood. I can count on one hand how often I’ve missed it, although now that I live out of town it isn’t so easy to attend anymore. And when I do manage to get there, it never quite measures up to my treasured memories.

What are those memories, you ask? One, not so pleasant, was my yearly visit to Continue reading

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In Search of Barns

Country driveWell, I’m not sure what happened to spring. Two weeks ago we were still bundling up for the cold. Then came March break and those of us who didn’t travel south enjoyed the same warm sunny weather as if we had gone to Florida. (Although it may have been a little warmer there).

This week the temperature keeps climbing. Everywhere I look, people are dressed in shorts and tank tops. It seems we’ve gone from winter to summer. I sat on the back deck and got a sunburn – and here it’s still March!

My daughter came to visit during this exceptional weather of ours and we went for a long country drive. As a photographer, she wanted to take pictures of our barns and some of the old covered half porches we have here in Cambridge. She’s from the southern United States and apparently their barns are quite different, as are the porches. I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed my surroundings so much before. One of the benefits of taking photos is the fact that it forced me to stop and really look around me. From old rickety bridges to railway tracks surrounded by yellow flowers, there were so many beautiful spots I would have missed had we not taken our time.

The visit wasn’t long enough and next time we’ve got a list of other things to see as well. I was told the last remaining covered bridge is not far from here. And there are nearby Mennonite farms with all kinds of barns to photograph. Maybe we’ll have to get out and explore on our own now that we’ve begun to realize the beauty in our own backyard.

Any suggestions for day trips?

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Snow Fun in Southern Ontario

What do we do in the winter in Southern Ontario? Although we haven’t had as much snow this year up until mid January, it’s been snowing steadily for the past few days. I found this video of outdoor winter fun in Toronto. When I was a teen, we had a lot of snow days when school was closed. That doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore.

Kids have a great time tobogganing and skating. I remember as a child skating until my feet felt frozen. Then we went home and stuck our feet near (actually, I think it was in) the warm oven to get our feet feeling normal again. What memories do you have of spending winter outdoors as a kid? Please comment below and share it with us.

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Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario

libraryLooking at my city through the eyes of a photographer happened when my oldest daughter came to visit. Following is a blog post about her visit to Cambridge and especially how much she enjoyed looking at the architecture. We do have some pretty amazing sites here, so please go to her post at once you finish reading this post:

“I grew up in Toronto Ontario Canada and after I moved to Tennessee I still went back to visit about once a year.  A few years ago my family moved to Cambridge Ontario which is a small town about an hour west of Toronto. Cambridge was a bit of an adjustment as it is a small town  with a population of only 120,000 people while the Greater Toronto area  has a population of  5.5 million people.

Cambridge Ontario became a city in 1973,when the City of Galt,Towns of Preston and Hespeler,and the hamlet of Blair were joined together.  It is a quaint area full of historic charm,natural beauty and all the convenience of a modern growing city.

For me the main attraction in Cambridge is my family but I love to visit this unique city and photograph the beautiful buildings and Churches as well as the Speed river and Grand river that flows thru the city.  This is a great city to take a photo walking tour especially the areas of Hespeler and Galt around the river.  Visit my site for a few of the photos I have taken of this beautiful city of Cambridge Ontario. – Bridget Greenwood”

So what do you think of the fancy library we have? That’s it at the beginning of this article. And did you know we even have an indoor skating rink in the mall?

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Camping and Children

Camping and children go together like cake and ice cream and can cause similar hyperactivity. Since camping was the least expensive way to take six kids on a vacation that everyone enjoyed, regardless of age, we camped every summer. We tried a number of the provincial campgrounds in Ontario, a couple of private ones, even had a small island almost to ourselves a couple of times. Although with the island, we were stranded until my brother-in-law came to bring us back to civilization and the joys of indoor plumbing.

Our camping adventures originated with a tent and sleeping bags on the ground. As the years passed, we started using a camper – beds off the ground, room to sit and play games inside on rainy days. For this mom, it was camping heaven. Once the kids were older, a cottage sometimes took the place of camping, but it was never quite the same, special time.  The following article offers some helpful tips for novice campers, I don’t agree with the skinny-dipping idea, but when my boys were young, they sure did like watering the trees whenever they could.

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