Snow Joke But Sure Is Pretty

Here it is, barely the middle of December and we have not only loads of snow, but extremely cold temperatures. Apparently a large part of the Canadian population will be heading south during the Christmas break and I can’t blame them. Although fresh snow is really pretty, especially as it’s falling. It still is nice to walk outside, as long as we have hats, gloves, boots, and warm winter coats.

This is a picture of my husband and I near the river in our downtown area:

winter scene


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Fall Colours

Fall in Southern OntarioFall has arrived in Southern Ontario, and with it, the cooler temperatures (at least in the evening) and the changing of the colours of the trees.

We drove to North Bay at the end of August and some of the leaves up there were already changing colour. Now that September is more than half over, we also are enjoying these wonderful views.

Why not get out for a drive and enjoy God’s creation?

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CN Tower and Rick Mercer

One of my favourite celebrities is Rick Mercer, and although my husband doesn’t understand his humour, I find him hilarious.  I found this video of his that not only highlights what I mean, but also has some amazing footage of the downtown Toronto area as viewed from the CN Tower. Let me know if you agree he is a very funny man.

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Hot Weather and Hockey

Hot Weather SwimI know, they don’t seem to go together, but the Stanley Cup hockey game finished a couple of days ago and it’s been so hot here lately that all we can think about is going to the lake for a swim. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why hockey goes on for so long before the season is over, but I guess there are a lot of people who will miss watching the games and will be counting the days until hockey season starts again. Are you one of them?

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New Country, New Culture

Today I have a bit of a treat for those of you who are wondering what moving to a new country will entail. Following is a guest post and while the expression “power distance” may not be familiar to those of us who were raised in Canada, we do understand what the writer means. So I guess office parties and team sports that involve all levels of staff mingling together might be frowned on in some parts of the world. At least that’s how I interpret it.

Challenges faced when dealing with a new culture and lack of a family support system nearby

Moving abroad can be one of the most difficult things to do in life. Not only leaving family, friends, the house where you grew up in, or the city/country you have been living in your whole life can be tough; but dealing and adapting to a new culture can be in some cases one of the hardest things to do.

A big challenge Continue reading

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